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Work in different sectors

Looking for a career in a specific industry? We have a selection of guides to help you make your first steps in a range of different industries- to help you decide which might work for you.

IT and Digital

With technology constantly advancing and refining, it’s never a bad idea to consider a career in the wide-reaching digital industry. The choices of role are endless- Digital Marketing Executive or Game Designer? UX Designer or Web Designer?


The hospitality industry can offer flexibility like no other. With so many transferable skills available, you can make this industry your own- working at events or gigs, getting involved in the iconic Greater Manchester nightlife, or steady work in a bar or restaurant- there’s room to advance your career and achieve a work/life balance.

Education and Teaching

Is teaching your calling? A career in education and teaching could be right for you- but do you know how to take the first steps? Our handy guide is here to help you make that start- and become the teacher/tutor/lecturer you want to be.

Health and Social Care

Do you like looking after other people? A career in Health and Social Care could be the perfect outlet for you to care for the people who really need it. If you’re looking to make your mark on the world of Health and Social Care, we’ve got a useful guide to help you get to where you need to be.


Construction is an incredibly important sector- as Greater Manchester grows, people who work in construction help to make that growth a physical reality. The construction sector can offer someone a chance to grow and flexibly work across several different agencies and companies.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing is a quickly expanding industry in Greater Manchester, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to find in this sector. If this is the sector for you, you can really build a lasting career.