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Picture yourself as a Digital Expert

  • Published: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Kick start your digital career with MadLab


Keen on learning more about digital careers? Have some coding skills already and looking to kickstart your way into tech employment? MadLab’s digital experts have you covered.

Greater Manchester residents can hop over to Stockport or head online to take part in MadLab’s latest course, Digital Careers - Next Steps, which offers a range of free workshops, webinars, hackathons and meetups.

With Greater Manchester's growing reputation as a digital and technology hub, careers in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and digital marketing are in high demand. Existing pathways into employment tend to favour candidates with tech-related degrees or bootcamp certifications, but accessibility to these opportunities remains limited for many individuals - like carers, those looking to career change into tech, and people with disabilities. 

Recently, there’s been an encouraging shift with employers increasingly seeking diverse workforces, yet the challenge lies in connecting with this undiscovered talent  - many of whom may not be aware of these opportunities or may not believe they're suitable for them.

That’s why MadLab has been talking to employers, councils, research organisations and other community organisations to put together a transformative and flexible programme that can help maximise anyone’s chances of landing the ultimate tech role. 

Boost your skills, confidence and get noticed with MadLab’s training courses. Digital Careers: Next Steps takes place through February, with more programmes to follow in 2024.

As an added bonus, participants will also get a chance to join MadLab’s online learning hub, gaining access to 1:1 mentoring, career advice and more.

Last year we trained over 100 young people in industry-standard skills HTML, CSS and JavaScript which led to people securing jobs at the BBC, Auto Trader, Music Magpie, Co-op Digital, Stockport Council, the DfE, Code Computerlove, MIF,  Comma Press and many other organisations across Greater Manchester. 

Digital Careers - Next Steps is part of Make Stuff, MadLab’s new festival of digital and creative exploration for all ages in Stockport and open to everyone in Greater Manchester. 

Check out what’s on offer below and sign up at - or write to for further information.

Getting Job-ready

15th, 22nd, and 29th February // 7:30pm - 8:30pm // Online

Meet prospective tech apprenticeship providers and employers, and hear more about diversity in tech - from hearing more multifaceted experiences to leveraging your unique background, insights, and skills to drive innovation, foster inclusivity, and challenge conventional thinking

Prior skills required: None, just come along!


Intro to Github

14th, 15th, 21st, and 22nd February // 10am - 2pm // Staircase House, Stockport

A workshop series covering GitHub: a website and cloud-based service that helps developers store and manage their code. We’ll teach you how to build your online portfolio to demonstrate your skills to employers.

Prior skills required: A basic grasp of HTML and CSS


Meet the Meetups

14th February // 6pm - 8pm // Online

We’ll introduce you to Greater Manchester’s exciting tech meetup ecosystem. Hear from friendly meetup organisers and discover ways to get further involved in the tech community.

Prior skills required: None, just come along!


Intro to Node.js

16th February // 10am - 2pm // Online

You’ll learn to use Node.js to build a server. Learning Node.js is your first step towards transitioning from a front-end to full-stack developer.

Prior skills required: A strong grasp of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Code Golf

21st February // 6pm - 8pm // Profolk, Stockport

Join us for an evening of coding katas & pizza. Hone your programming skills by solving coding challenges, then work in pairs to perfect your code!

Prior skills required: A good grasp of JavaScript 


Intro to Express.js

23rd February // 10am - 2pm // Online

Express.js is the industry–standard for creating web applications, and understanding the fundamentals is your first step towards expanding your web development skills beyond the web page.

Prior skills required: A strong grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js


Community Hackathon

28th and 29th February // 10am - 2pm // Stockport Museum

The Community Hackathon is for people who want to make a difference. 
Join other change-makers and use your combined creativity and problem-solving skills to prototype solutions for local community issues. You do not need to have a team to register: we can help you find people to work with on the day.

Prior skills required: None, just come along! 


Employ GM is here to help you find employment and skills opportunities in Greater Manchester - after boosting your skills with MadLab, we’re here to help you find further courses or local vacancies, using our job search and course search functions. To learn more, click here.