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Supported Employment Services

The role of the Supported Employment Service (SES) is to support people with a disability or long-term health condition to gain and sustain paid employment.

Supported Employment Advisers are trained to identify and understand an individual’s assets, skills, strengths, gifts and talents. This helps us to understand what is important to our customers, to focus on their needs and aspirations, to have positive conversations and to consider the customer as a whole. By really getting to know an individual, advisers are able to identify more creative and meaningful ways to provide support for employment and enable the individual to work as independently as possible and sustain their employment.

We support people to find jobs that they can do and more importantly, jobs they want to do.

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‘Skills for Success’ will engage adults with additional support needs in inclusive, accessible, ‘football inspired’ learning opportunities that empowers positive aspirations for their future. Inspired by the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, activities will support attainment of outcomes related to improved confidence, independence, life-skills, and pathways into further learning and employment.

Contact or call 07917 242565.

This group aims to help people to learn and develop sewing skills, making and creating valuable items for work opportunities and life skills. In addition, one session will teach power tools for home improvements and work skills. Mindful living objectives, strategies and future goals will be prioritised and supported. 

Contact ​​​ or call ​​07714 792631​.

​​A volunteering pathway for Wigan residents to build confidence and work through barriers through gaining invaluable work experience, developing strong and trusted relationships, all delivered from trusted community venues.​ 

Contact ​​​ or call ​​01942 612061​.

The Brick Pathways project is here for people who are experiencing tough times; we help remove the barriers that stop people from reaching their potential by offering person centred skills, mentoring, companionship, and confidence building, providing pathways to independence, training, and work via a team of expert volunteers.

Contact ​ or call ​​07771 675345​.

​​We have created KIT for Life – Keep It Together, a community programme of practical, creative sessions for Doing and Living. These skill-based activities underpinned by person centred support empowers individuals to organize their lives, boost confidence, and take positive strides towards personal development.​ 

Contact ​​​ or call​​ 07740 879290​.

Flourish will support people experiencing multiple issues within their lives, e.g. social isolation, depression, domestic abuse (physical, mental & emotional) mental illness, debt, unhealthy life choices etc. supporting them to build their confidence, self-esteem, life aspirations, emotional resilience and motivation.​ 

Contact ​​​ or call ​​01942 356580​.