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Salford Employ 

Salford Employ offers a brokered bespoke 'one stop' offer on behalf of Salford City Council's Employer Engagement Partnership, in order to connect local people and businesses to opportunities in Salford.

Salford Employ is committed to providing continued support to Salford residents and employers, with face-to-face, telephone and digital support available. Please email:, or click the link below.

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Supported Employment is everyone's responsibility

In Salford, we believe people with a learning disability and/or autism deserve the same opportunities in life as their peers, including paid employment. We know that most people with a learning disability or autism can and want to work, as long as they have access to the right support.


Having a job isn’t just about earning an income - it’s much more than that. Securing work can help individuals to build independence, confidence, and skills, as well as widening friendships and social networks, and being seen as a full member of society.

However, finding and sustaining employment can sometimes be tough for some people with autism or learning disabilities, but our Supported Employment Service is here to help. The service helps people with learning disabilities or autism to find a job and ongoing support in the workplace to sustain employment. We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations and provide support for both the employee and employer for as long as needed.

Our supported employment key workers take the time to get to know a person’s individual needs, skills, interests and goals. Exploring these areas with participants helps the key worker to match individuals with the most suitable jobs. At the same time, the team works with the employer to make sure the necessary workplace adjustments and in-work support in place before they start.

We will help you every step of the way, including supporting you with benefit claims to ensure you receive the correct benefits whilst in work. A lot of people are worried of losing benefits they have received all their lives, but it does not mean you will be worse off financially by working, as other benefits can be claimed whilst in-work. As such, we will work with you to maximise your income, working hours and any financial benefits you are entitled to.

The support provided for each person may vary but will consist of 12 months pre work support to help people develop the necessary skills, experience, and confidence to secure employment, and then in-work support to sustain employment.