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Cera Care set to create 10,000 new jobs for people made redundant as a result of Coronavirus outbreak

Cera Care, a private healthcare company, is looking to create around 10,000 new jobs so they can continue to support the elderly and vulnerable in their own homes as the Coronavirus crisis continues.

The creation of jobs will also provide much-needed employment opportunities for people who have been made redundant due to the current pandemic. The company is keen to hear from people who have lost their jobs across the retail, hospitality and travel sectors.

Positions are being created right across the UK, and Cera Care will give new hires access to digital training courses and assessments – allowing them to be formally certified as carers, and enabling them to start earning after just 10 days.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Horus Patel, has confirmed that the roles will last beyond the peak of the outbreak, saying: “These are long-term positions within our company, and we hope this will encourage those recently left without work, or even those currently employed, to consider getting trained and becoming part of this crucial community.”

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