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Top tips for mature job seekers

mature job seekers
Mature job seekers

If you’ve found yourself being made redundant after spending the majority of your life in employment, the idea of finding a new opportunity in the current climate can be incredibly daunting.

Whether you’re concerned about your skills, your ability to apply for roles or simply joining a new organisation, there are a number of things you can do to improve your confidence and your chances of finding a new role quickly.

Boost your digital skills

For mature job seekers, one of their biggest worries is around their digital know-how. Technology is constantly innovating, so it can be particularly difficult for the older generation to keep up with the times, especially if they’re not that tech-savvy, and haven’t used technology much throughout their working life.

If you think you could benefit from a digital skills overhaul, speak to the team at Employ GM who can signpost you to a range of training opportunities to help give your digital skills a boost. Even having basic computer and tech literacy can help you get ahead of the competition.

Prepare for job interviews

If you’ve been with the same employer for a considerable amount of time, it’s safe to say you’ll be out of practice when it comes to job interviews. To help you get your head around what to expect, research some of the most common interview questions and prepare some thorough answers for each of them.

Hiring managers also like to ask you to give examples to test your competency, so make sure you have examples to hand of how you learned from a mistake or managed a difficult situation. They also might question you on your weaknesses, but be sure to try and flip these into a positive. Again, the team at Employ GM can help you get interview-ready, so get in touch if you’d like some one-to-one support.

Consider an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships aren’t just for young people who are fresh out of school or college – in fact, they’re a great way for mature workers to up-skill or retrain in a brand new area. The best thing about apprenticeships is that you earn whilst you learn – meaning they’re a great way to develop your skills in a specific area without you losing out on income.

Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of sectors at a variety of levels, so whether you want to build on your existing skills or kick-start a career change, there’ll be something out there for you.

Volunteer to improve your skills

Not only is volunteering a great way to enhance your skills, it’s also a fantastic way to build your confidence back up after suffering the knock-back of being made redundant.

Whether it’s helping out in a local food bank, supporting someone who’s vulnerable in your local community or giving your time to a charity you’re passionate about, there are so many volunteering opportunities to take advantage of across Greater Manchester.

Review your achievements

Whatever your background, you’ll have a wealth of transferable skills and experience under your belt – so make sure you shout about these on your CV. Spend time reviewing your career highlights and key achievements over the years – don’t just list your role duties, but also show how you added value and made an impact on the business.

If you’re on the jobs market and want support to improve your skills, explore your options and, ultimately, get back into work, Employ GM – supported by the National Careers Service - is here to provide you with tailored support. Whatever your age, we can help you find the right opportunity, and work with you to break down any barriers that are stopping you from taking your next steps.

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